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Young Singer Schemes

The City of London Choir is committed to developing the participation of young people in its performance and celebration of choral music.

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Young Singers Scheme, City of London Choir

Young Apprentice Bass and Tenor Scheme

Aim: To foster and encourage young choral tenors and basses from London schools

Recognising the fact of choral life that far fewer tenors and basses are applying to join choirs than sopranos and altos, the choir seeks to address this by having a scheme which gives incentives to young tenors and basses to take up choral singing with a leading London choir. The CLC is fortunate in having strong tenor and bass sections, but is only too aware of current trends and, with an eye to the future, is looking to stimulate interest among young tenors and basses to experience the pleasures and satisfaction of choral singing.

Young Apprentice Bass and Tenor Scheme
Generously supported by the

Postlethwaite Music Foundation


We are delighted as part of our education programme to offer two bursaries per season per voice part for aspiring young tenors and basses aged 16-23 from state schools (including those on gap years and taking undergraduate degrees). Bursaries cover music costs as well as travel expenses to weekly rehearsals. The scheme also includes associate membership of the choir for two concert seasons and nine one-to-one singing lessons per season with top vocal coaches.


Successful candidates over the past ten years include a tenor who went on to a choral scholarship at New College, Oxford, another who won the senior singing prize at the Junior Academy, and another who completed a music degree at Oxford and post-grad training at the uildhall School of Music & Dance.


For more details or to apply, please contact us.

The Young Singers’ Scheme

Aim: To stimulate and foster talent and enthusiasm for choral singing among young people.

This scheme is aimed at young budding sopranos and altos (tenors and basses are already covered by our Young Apprentice Bass and Tenor Scheme). It encourages young people, aged 16-19, to experience the joys of harmony and the power of singing great music together, performing in London’s principal venues with top musicians.

Young singers become full members of the choir and pay only a token subscription – a fraction of the amount paid by other choir members.

For more details, please contact us.


"My time at the CLC as an Apprentice Tenor has been an experience I will always cherish. From Handel’s Messiah to John Gardner’s Stabat Mater, the range of the CLC’s repertoire has introduced me to music that I never thought I would ever perform. I would highly recommend joining the YATS scheme at the CLC as the warm-hearted atmosphere together with the individual attention will significantly progress one’s singing capabilities."   


"Being an Apprentice Tenor in the City of London Choir was a fabulous opportunity. Chances to sing regularly outside school, and with a choir of an extremely high standard, at a time and location which, despite the school day, one can actually reach, are not that heavy on the ground, but this provided it all. The experience was wonderful and invaluable simultaneously, with a very welcoming atmosphere, friendly rehearsals... and my introduction to wonderful pieces which I’d never known of previously, such as Finzi’s Requiem da Camera. Perhaps the climax, though, was being part of a performance of Elgar’s Dream of Gerontius – and in the Albert Hall, with the RPO – which was an unforgettable occasion. I’m extremely grateful to the CLC for a most enjoyable and educational time."             


"My experience of being in the CLC has been one which has undoubtedly changed the course of my life. I have had the opportunity to gain confidence and skills as a musician through the discovery of pieces such as Elgar’s Dream of Gerontius and Bach’s St John Passion and performed with ensembles that I had always greatly admired. The chance to learn these things under Hilary [Davan Wetton] is both an enjoyable and inspiring experience, and one that prompted me to study Music at university. Being in the CLC is also a highly social experience, where you meet people with a shared passion for music, and are welcomed instantly as part of the community."

The Front Row Club

Aim: To encourage young people to experience the thrill of excellent live classical music.

This scheme, which the City of London Choir has launched in collaboration with the Classical Roadshow, provides young people with front row concert seats, allowing them direct and unhampered connection with the sounds and excitement of performance.

For more details, please contact us.

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